About us

About us

Danko Hodowla Roślin Sp. z o.o. is a Polish commercial company, dealing mainly with the plant breeding of agricultural crops. Its headquarter is located in Choryń, near Poznań. Long tradition (since 1880), experienced staff, unique germplasm and modern methods and facilities, allow effective and lasting creation of new plant varieties for both, domestic and European markets.

The plant breeding is conducted in a few experimental stations, located in different regions of Poland. Classical plant breeding, based on intensive plant selection and field experiments, is completed with greenhouse and laboratory research and state-of-art tools and technics.

At present, the following breeding and research programs are being conducted: winter and spring wheat, winter and spring triticale, winter and spring barley, winter rye, oats, field pea, vetch, Italian ryegrass, festulolium and soybean. Apart from that, Danko is also offering some varieties of the species: faba bean, timothy grass, perennial ryegrass, alfalfa and some others. Currently ca. 120 plant varieties is being marketed, among them over 70 varieties of cereals, 14 of legumes and ca. 25 of grasses.

With its farms and 6,3 thus. ha of agricultural land, Danko is producing and selling yearly ca. 12 thus. tons of elite and certified seeds. The main customers are seed companies in Poland and in some other countries. An accredited laboratory have been organized to facilitate the testing of seed lots.

Danko is the leader in supplying cereal varieties to Polish farmers. More than one third of the domestic cereal seed production area is sown with Danko varieties. Over 30 thus. ha of seed multiplications of Danko varieties are sown every year in Poland.

Danko is also involved in a dairy cattle breeding. More than 1,7 thus. milking cows are the base for breeding processes, including genomic selection and embryo transfer.